Another Dinner at Home

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This was one of our last meals before we left town for Thanksgiving. Delicious, as usual! Kale with red onion and toasted squash seeds. Beet pasta with a mustard, tahini and Greek yogurt sauce. Leftover blue cheese beet sauce on pasta with fresh mozzarella and some homemade sangria.

Now We Are 30

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This is my first contribution to this blog so perhaps I should introduce myself. I am Blake. You have likely heard a lot about me by following Hannah’s posts or following OBI in one of its many manifestations, but you don’t hear a lot from me. I tend to avoid webby business, letting Hannah revel […]

Recent Eats

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As those of you who know us are well aware, we love to cook great food and eat the heck out of it! Here is a sampling of some of our recent culinary explorations in our tiny efficiency kitchen: Multi-colored quinoa-stuffed acorn squash on a bed of kale sauteed with red onion and toasted squash […]