Garlic Cauliflower Puree with Greek Yogurt: A Dip, A Soup, A Sauce and Mashed Potatoes All in One!

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Cauliflower is in season! And it will last us through the winter. One of my favorite vegetables–and so easy to prepare! There are lots of ways to steam, stir fry, boil and bake it to perfection, but the most versatile cooking method is to steam and then puree it. Through subtle variations in the mixture, […]

DIY Relief Carved Pumpkins and Delicious Pepitas

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It’s that time of year! Pumpkins and squash and other delicious fall vegetables. Plus, it’s the time of year where everyone eschews the concept of “tacky neighbor” and decorates their house to high heaven (low hell?) with fake spider webs, bright orange (a color normally repulsive to the masses) and all sorts of evil witch-craftery […]

My Life in Lists: Sketchbook as Organizational Tool

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Lately, my sketchbook has been filled with more planning than drawing: Charts, lists, chapter notes, to-do-or-die spreads on every section of my life. My daily drawings have become quick doodles and scribbles while my schedule has been so packed. Even my snapshots of my sketchbook were taken quickly, on the floor of the photo studio, […]