More about Bowling Green, and a white-knuckle roadtrip

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So, folks: as promised here’s the skinny on the new gig and our odyssey over the week. I’ve been in the interview process for the last few weeks. Because the job begins in January, interviews had to be conducted via Skype, without the usual on-site second interview. As a result, I still haven’t been up […]

We’re moving! (Again)

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This will be brief for now. I’ll come back tomorrow and put together a more involved, detail rich post. Here’s the deal, gang… I found out at about 7:30 yesterday morning that I will be the new Visiting Assistant Professor of printmaking at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio. After 5 ego-numbing years […]

I’d Rather Be Drawing

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We’ve been so swamped with school and work lately (as well as job applications for next year,) that my sketch booking has fallen to a record low. In lieu of fresh sketches, here are a few more flashbacks with hopes that they inspire you and me to draw more! And collage more, of course, which […]