Anticipating a Birthday and Remembering an Anniversary

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Hannah’s Great Big Book of Baby Stuff!! This morning Hannah and I were introduced to the Women and Children’s Services area at Southeast Hospital. In the old days I suppose it would’ve been called the Maternity Ward. We walked the eight blocks or so to the hospital to gauge if the hike would be doable […]

9 Years Later

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9 years ago, Hurricane Katrina. And I started my Flickr stream.

Karate Kid, Approaching 26 Weeks

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We had another Doctor’s appointment on Friday. The waiting room wowed us once again with amazing television programming while we waited. Last time, it was I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant. This time, we tried our best to ignore episodes of The Duggars’19 Kids and Counting. This appointment was mainly to check my system to […]

Presto Pesto on the Cheap

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I’ve been loving pesto lately! Fresh basil is one of those really expensive items at the grocery store. Now that we have a porch for the first time in a long time, we picked up 2 basil plants near the end of the season for cheap, and they’ve been growing like wild ever since! This […]