Linoleum Printmaking Workshop

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Linoleum Printmaking Workshop

Linoleum-cut Reduction Relief Printing Theme: Documentation and Memory Please begin by reading this article about how the easy accessibility of photography affects our daily life and even our memory of events: Consider how photography affects your experience of the world around you. Do you photograph your meals, friends, yourself, the landscape, etc. on a […]

Wake Up! Drawing Coffee

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I’m not really awake yet this morning! Up late last night playing Pictionary and then Trivial Pursuit. It was a blast! Mom and Sue are here visiting from Georgia. We spent several days in Chicago, and now we’re exploring Bowling Green. Detroit is up next! I’m working on scanning in more images for my Facebook […]

Kitchen Printshop Project, Part IV: Life is Short! So Get to Printing!!

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If y’all recall, over the past few weeks I’ve been exploring friends’ at-home printshop/studio spaces across the country! We’ve already seen the fascinating spaces of Hope Amico in California and Ann Flowers-Gosser in Illinois, as well as the beginnings of my own printing space in my very own tiny apartment kitchen! Today we’ll be looking […]

Orange Barrel on Etsy + Blake’s New Website Design

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I started an Etsy shop back in 2009, posted a bunch of items, and made a few sales. It was fun! A great way to clean out our inventory of prints to make room for new ones! However, through grad school and the years of working multiple, time-hog jobs afterwards, I largely ignored the shop. […]

“Fail Harder,” and Other Thoughts From My Big, Pretentious Sketchbook

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So, have any of  you Mad Men fans out there seen the documentary Art & Copy? I found it at our local library a couple of days ago and really enjoyed watching it. They interview a variety of ad agency creatives about the business and their career, honing in occasionally on  big campaigns such as […]

Part-Part Time Job

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I got this Vandercook 2 up and running today! All it took was a bit of SAE 30 in the “grease nipples” (or so I like to call them) and some rust removal with mineral spirits. Putz is coming in the mail soon. I lucked into working with a graphic design professor at BGSU who […]

Animal Attraction: Drawings from 4,000 Animal, Bird & Fish Motifs

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I wanted to share some drawings I did back in July with y’all from a great book called 4000 Animal, Bird and Fish Motifs: A Sourcebook, by Graham Leslie McCallum. I borrowed it from my friend Rob Stephens when we were at Frogman’s workshop in the screen printing class together. I had a blast looking […]

DIY Photobooth Backdrop

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This entry is my first do it yourself crafting tutorial! I will show you step-by-step how to make your own photo booth backdrop from up-cycled bed-sheet fabrics using elementary machine sewing techniques, as well as let you in on how to even do it without any sewing at all, if you prefer! I started on […]

Do I have great tits, or what?

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Do I have great tits, or what?

Before we move, I decided to go ahead and get the tattoo I’ve been thinking about for several years now. We received a wonderful wedding present from our friend Dave of some tattoo work, should ever we want some. Dave owns a great little shop called Uptown Tattoos in the riverbend. I called them up, […]