We were invited to participate in the 2019 Lawrence Arts Center Print Week. We proposed a project called, “A Banner Day”, which involved us hosting to printing and sewing workshops in Cape Girardeau, MO open to anyone to come print letterpress text, relief images, and create screenprinting film for their own ideas on “protest”. We assisted attendees with planning and executing their words and images on repurposed fabrics and, in a following workshop, with stitching together printed fabrics into protest flags/banners. These were then displayed at the Lawrence Arts Center during Print Week 2019.

Some images of the exhibition may be found below! We had a wide range of participants from our local community including students and community members, from under 10 years old to over 60 years old!

Exhibition Photos

Some Completed Works

Community Printing and Sewing Workshops

A Banner Day


September 23-28, 2019
Lawrence Arts Center
Print Week 2019

Print Week 2019