International Print Exchange and Traveling Exhibition


Blake and Hannah both participated in this print exchange in March of 2014.

It is currently on display during: Frogman’s Print Workshops

Venue: I.D. Weeks Library Galleries, University of South Dakota, Vermilion, South Dakota.
Dates: May 12th – August 10th.

Dialogos E Interpretaciones is organized by Jules Floss of the University of North Carolina- Pembroke, United States and Jorge Eliécer Rodríguez Osorio of Universidad de Caldas in Manizales, Colombia.




Project History

Dialogos E Interpretaciones was established in 2012 with the goal of creating greater artistic and cultural exchange between printmakers of the United States and Colombia. The 2012 portfolio was exhibited in 5 venues between the United States and Colombia. With Dialogos E Interpretaciones II: the Americas, 2013, we expanded to all of North and South America. It will be exhibited in 5-6 venues among the United States, Colombia, and Argentina. Now we are inviting printmaking artists around the globe to participate for 2014.

Print Information & Guidelines

Each artist creates a limited edition print using any traditional printmaking technique- relief, lithograph, intaglio, serigraph, letterpress, or combination of techniques. Artists may to respond to Dialogos E Interpretaciones III: the World as abstractly or literally as they choose.  Two prints will be kept and used for exhibitions at University of North Carolina – Pembroke, United States and Universidad de Caldas, Manizales, Colombia.  We are also seeking other exhibition venues. Please contact Jules Floss if you would like to exhibit the portfolio. The remaining prints are used for the exchange.