Assistants Exchange & Metamorphosis Exhibition

katysealsfrogSummer 2011 was Frogman’s 30th Anniversiary! As a loyal assistant for many years now, Blake felt it a fitting tribute to organize a portfolio that was displayed in Beresford, SD (the original home of Frogman’s Press) during the workshops. The theme of the portfolio is Metamorphosis, and participants were asked to use at least 1 process in their print that they learned at the workshop.

The exhibition was on display during Frogman’s Print and Paper Workshop at the Nuance Gallery in Beresford, South Dakota. A copy was donated to Frogman’s permanent collection. Another copy of this portfolio resides in the collection of Kyoto Seika University in Kyoto, Japan.

The exhibition visited  the University of North Texas in the Fall of 2011. We also exhibited the portfolio at the 2012 MAPC Conference in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Let us know if your University might like to show off this beautiful collection of prints! We have a fully framed set of prints ready to ship .

Here is the info from the exhibition at MAPC:

Metamorphosis: An Exchange Portfolio Featuring 30 Years of Frogman’s Assistants
and Friends of Froggie

Opening Reception: Friday, November 2nd, 5-9 pm
Cape Girardeau Public Library, Oscar C. and Geraldine F. Hirsch Rooms
Organizer: Blake Sanders
Artists: Nick Alley, Brett Anderson, Sandra Anible, Honna Austin, Kevin Bowman, Andrew Burkitt, Andrew DeCaen, James Ehlers, Matthew Egan, Ann Flowers, Amy Foltz, Mario Kiran, Cory Knedler, Andrew Kosten, Sami Lange, Carrie Lingscheit, Emmy Lingscheit, Ashton Ludden, Rachel Madeline, Jonathan Metzger, Laura Melancon, Johanna Mueller, Meghan O’Connor, Tracy Otten, Johntimothy Pizzuto, Rodolfo Salgado, Jr., Catherine Reinhart, Brandon Sanderson, Blake Sanders, Hannah Sanders, Katy Seals, Stanley Scott, Tim Stoelting, Christopher Wallace, Josh Watts