Free, Downloadable/Printable PDF Handout!

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 12.47.09 PM For our Demonstration, The Quilted Print, at MAPC 2014 Print City Detroit, we made a little handout to share with you all!

Click here to download this printable, black and white PDF of a basic guide to relief printing on fabric including elementary machine sewing techniques and a few other hints and tips:


This document covers printing tips for relief and screen on fabric, hemming, seams, types of appliqué sewing, and a bit about stuffing fabric prints to make 3D objects or sculptural reliefs. There is a guide to essential tools as well as trouble-shooting sections.




IMG_9917_smallerThis demonstration will utilize relief printmaking in combination with found, re-purposed fabrics and basic machine and hand sewing to create quilted collages. Utilizing old bed sheets and hand-me-down fabrics, hardware store plywood, basic black ink, and green cleanup, fabric printing is both a low-cost and sustainable alternative to paper.Piecing and collaging elements helps to overcome size limitations, opening up the possibilities for ambitious sculptures and immersive print-based installations.