Blake Sanders, blakesanders AT gmail DOT com

Panel Title:

Three Minutes to Midnight

Description of Panel:

We live in an age of anxiety, sparked by talk of decline of all kinds: political, industrial, and environmental. We can hear “the end is nigh” from any number of sources and perspectives. The Doomsday Clock, for example, determines our proximity to global catastrophe using various scientific and political factors. For the last two years, the Clock sits at three minutes tomidnight. But isn’t midnight just the end of one day and the beginning of the next? If we can’t turn back the clock, how do we modify our behaviors and priorities to make sure tomorrow comes? What is art’s role in raising awareness? How can we acknowledge complicity while also promoting change? This panel explores how artists use printmaking, the original social media, to get the word out about our tenuous future brought about by a reckless past and detached present. Panelists will focus primarily on environmental developments and will discuss how a notoriously dirty medium can bring about ecological mindfulness.

This panel was accepted to be part of the SGCI 2017 Conference, Terminus, in Atlanta, Georgia

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