Panel Chair:

Nancy Palmeri

Other Panelists:

Nicole Hand, Kate Bingaman-Burt, Lari Gibbons, Syd Webb, Charles Beneke, David Diaz, Scott Cook, Benjamin Rinehart, Hannah March Sanders, Adrienne Cook, and Breanne Trammell

Panel Title:

What STEM Learns From Us

Description of Panel:

The contemporary fetishism over STEM activities demands that the arts address how they fit within this paradigm. No justification is necessary! As artists and printmakers we see that the qualities inherent in STEM vision— community relevance, innovation, interdisciplinary and applied learning, and inspirational results— as parallel to the shift in our print classes and studio practices towards a pedagogy and practice that has a larger, more meaningful social discourse. This series of brief presentations will be supplemented by a website with resources providing a greater depth of information, collaboration, discussion, and participation.