Contemporary Prints In Large Format

276894_124475621053260_1909547823_nPounds of Pressure was an invitational exhibition of Large Format Printmaking works, curated by James Kimura-Green. It took place January 18th-Feburary 19th 2013 at the Arts Council of Baton Rouge in Louisiana.

Photos of the Exhibition

You can read the announcement written for 225 Magazine here: Arts Council Presents Pounds of Pressure.

Exhibition Description

There are plenty of small prints shows like the ”Delta National Small Prints” exhibition and the Washington printmakers “National Small Works” exhibition. In light of the great large format facilities here at LSU I would like the opportunity to share to the LSU and Baton Rouge community the experience of prints in large format.

James Kimura-Green

Participants List

  • May Babcock
  • Hannah/Blake Sanders
  • Emily Lombardo
  • Mike Levine
  • Molly Miller
  • Amanda James
  • Sarah H. Shearer
  • Gus Mazzocca
  • Mariana Smith
  • Nathan P.
  • Eric Euler
  • Kimberly Arp

January 18th-Feburary 19th 2013
The Arts Council of Baton Rouge
Curated by James Kimura-Green

The Arts Council of Baton Rouge