Southern Graphics Council Conference International

2012SGCcover Navigating Currents: the 2012 Southern Graphics Council Conference International took place in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Blake was Demonstrations Coordinator for the Conference, and Hannah was Registration Coordinator. They were also both on the Steering Committee.

This conference also marked a special event in their personal lives, the first anniversary of their Wedding, Blessed Unions, which took place at SGCI 2011 in Saint Louis with a panel discussion, exhibition, and 2 wedding performance events.

Read more about the wind-down from the busy conference and a fantastic anniversary lunch on their blog here, One Year.  In typical fashion, being done with one thing meant starting another, and Blake and Hannah spent most of their meal planning their proposal for the following year’s conference: MilwauKEY.

On a related note, Blake and Hannah participated in the group Exhibition Uncharted Territories during SGCI 2012.

Official Conference Description

As the mighty Mississippi River flows southward, so too will the 2012 Southern Graphics Council International Conference. Returning to New Orleans, the membership is invited to come together to celebrate the 40th anniversary of our beloved organization. Events will showcase how our organization has evolved, and through provocative panels, exhibitions and discussion, serve to chart a course for future development and growth of the printmaking discipline.

Whether guided by instruments or celestial means, navigation can become the measure by which we take stock in where we have been and where we are headed. It is the determination of a position, a direction, and a movement. Are we holding our present position, moving forward with leadership or are we swept away powerlessly by other currents?

Print is a current, always in circulation, creating new territory, and bridging fresh audiences and media. It is contemporary – in the know and in the now, endowed with authority and agency.  We find ourselves Navigating Currents as we wade through this dichotomy of the alternative and the traditional. Ripples emerge and expand, marrying the spectrum of creation and presentation practices.


The 2012 SGCI Conference
New Orleans, LA
March 14 – 17, 2012

Navigating Currents