1 Year Old

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1 Year Old

The Leveegator turned 1 on December 4th. It has been both a fast and a slow year–really, just the right length. I began this post thinking that I had a lot to say on the occasion of his one year birthday, and I think I do, I just don’t know how to phrase it at […]

Weekend Travel Journal: From Ohio to Detroit

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I finally gave in and decided not to force myself to carry around the beautiful, but gigantic pretentious sketchbook I’ve been working in as of late. I’m still drawing in it at home, but it’s too much to lug around all the time. I have, instead, opted for a small folio Blake constructed in the […]

They Say It’s Your Birthday: From the Self Embarrassment File

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Birth, April 21st, 1985 So, it feels self-indulgent to waste this time and go through my old photos and try to identify at least one for each year of my life. But I did it anyway. I told Blake I was working on this post, and I didn’t know why I was doing it, but […]

Miniature Birthday Cake

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It was Blake’s birthday yesterday (insert confetti here.) Since we’ve both been so busy, Blake wanted to wait until we go to Georgia for Thanksgiving to really celebrate. But I felt it wasn’t right to go through one’s birthday–even a something+1 birthday that is not twenty+1, the only fun one–without a bit of cake or […]

Now We Are 30

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This is my first contribution to this blog so perhaps I should introduce myself. I am Blake. You have likely heard a lot about me by following Hannah’s posts or following OBI in one of its many manifestations, but you don’t hear a lot from me. I tend to avoid webby business, letting Hannah revel […]