Sketchbook Bootcamp 2018 at TN Governor’s School for the Arts

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Sketchbook Bootcamp 2018 at TN Governor’s School for the Arts

Hey, guys! Thanks for taking our class! I will be uploading the images I took of your work from the Sketchbook Bootcamp Class ASAP, and I will share them here along with the scans Blake made of the collaborative books. I’ll also take some shots at the gallery opening tomorrow. Hope to see you all […]

Sketchbook Party Trick: Inspiring Illustrators

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John Hendrix Below is a list of random things I overheard or read and wrote down in large text in this red graph paper sketchbook I’ve been working in. They all feel significant to me for some reason. Most of them have drawings beside them and function as sort of captions. They probably don’t mean […]

Orange Barrel on Etsy + Blake’s New Website Design

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I started an Etsy shop back in 2009, posted a bunch of items, and made a few sales. It was fun! A great way to clean out our inventory of prints to make room for new ones! However, through grad school and the years of working multiple, time-hog jobs afterwards, I largely ignored the shop. […]

All of This Happened, More or Less: Fresh Raw Drawings

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I’ve done 3 new drawings in the last 2 days, and I’m working on another one this morning before I head over to the printshop to polish the Challenge Proofing Press. These are very quickly snapped photos early this morning, before the sun finished coming out. I’ll take some better images later. Not sure where […]

A World of Disorderly Notions

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Here are some images from recent sketchbooking. I haven’t been up to much “sketchbook for sketchbook’s sake,” these past couple of months. It’s been more planning, note-taking and preparatory doodling. I find that I don’t have much to say about these pages. Instead, I’ll fill this post with quotes scribbled down in my sketchbook from […]

The Poetry of Unpacking

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Sleeping 8 hours a night? Cooking elaborate meals? Catching up on long-lost projects?? What?!? It’s been so long since I’ve had the time to do any of these things. But since moving to Bowling Green, I’ve been blessed/cursed with a bit of free time. Free time also equals anxiety on my part, as I’m bred […]

Animal Attraction: Drawings from 4,000 Animal, Bird & Fish Motifs

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I wanted to share some drawings I did back in July with y’all from a great book called 4000 Animal, Bird and Fish Motifs: A Sourcebook, by Graham Leslie McCallum. I borrowed it from my friend Rob Stephens when we were at Frogman’s workshop in the screen printing class together. I had a blast looking […]

Shut up and Draw. It’s Good for You!

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In order to get myself back in gear this summer and prep myself for the drawing classes I’m going to be teaching this semester at Murray State, I delved into the simple but effective EDM drawing challenges. These drawing challenges were started by artist Danny Gregory, whom I’ve been following off and on forĀ  about […]