More Piss, Less Vinegar

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More Piss, Less Vinegar

Warning to those who may be sensitive to such, don’t read on if you don’t want to hear about all of my bodily fluids and some pregnancy/delivery horrors. So, that being said, I’m continuing on with answering the request by one of our friends to share more about the parts of pregnancy no one talks […]

Pregnancy Piss and Vinegar

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Pregnancy Piss and Vinegar

A dear friend of mine requested to hear about all the down and dirty shit of pregnancy that folks don’t normally talk about, so I’ll give you my gripes and realest reals I can here. My first time around, I spent a lot of time trying to make a show of not being pregnant. Writing […]

1 Year Old

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1 Year Old

The Leveegator turned 1 on December 4th. It has been both a fast and a slow year–really, just the right length. I began this post thinking that I had a lot to say on the occasion of his one year birthday, and I think I do, I just don’t know how to phrase it at […]

Levee’s Birth Announcement

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We’re still working on a post about the saga that was Levee’s birth–we’ve been holding off till some pregnant friends and family had they’re own nuggets so as not to make them squeamish. It’ll get posted soon, but for now it’s a lot more fun to have the varmint to play with rather than dwell […]

Week 39: Any Time Now

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Tuesday appointment: all was normal and good. Print Nugget gained about 3/4 lb. in the past couple of weeks, which sounds good to us, but it’s still small (under 10th percentile.) It got an 8 out of 8 on its Bio Physical and full marks on the Non-stress Test once again. The doctor’s plan remains […]

Week 38: 11 Days or Less

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Our first doctor’s appointment this week was on Tuesday, and it went well! It started out with a Biophysical Profile. For this, we met with the ultrasound tech, and she monitored the baby for about half an hour to observe practice breathing and other motions. I asked if I could lie on my side, and […]

Week 37: The print nugget is funsize

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Another Friday, another doctor’s appointment. Today was Hannah’s second ultrasound in as many weeks, to check on the growth rate of the undersized nugget. In the last two weeks it’s gained a little less than half a pound, from 4lb. 5oz. to 4lb. 12oz. That was about a half pound less than the ultrasound tech. […]

Food Phobias: An Esculent Trip Through the Trimesters (Plus a Recipe: Pregnant Lady Chicken Biscuits)

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The emotional/mental pregnancy trip has manifested itself in me in interesting ways. I wouldn’t say I’ve been “nesting” (no more than normal, anyway) or “ooing” and “aahhing” over “cute” baby things. My trip with food has been a bit of a roller coaster, though. I started off first trimester feeling ill, mostly induced by dehydration […]