Red and White Something -Close-to-What-May-Be-Considered Sangria

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Red and White Something -Close-to-What-May-Be-Considered Sangria

These are the “sangrias” I made this weekend, as best as I can remember! I’ll update this post if I think of anything I forgot. I think the best part was letting it sit overnight in the fridge, and the bitter Granny Smith apples. I made 1 for all my white wine ladies and 1 […]

Another Dinner at Home

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This was one of our last meals before we left town for Thanksgiving. Delicious, as usual! Kale with red onion and toasted squash seeds. Beet pasta with a mustard, tahini and Greek yogurt sauce. Leftover blue cheese beet sauce on pasta with fresh mozzarella and some homemade sangria.