Print Nugget 2: Al A. Poopy’s Revenge!

Posted on Jan 7, 2020 in Blog, life, offspring | 3 Comments
Print Nugget 2: Al A. Poopy’s Revenge!

We announced to the world on Christmas Day, 2019, that we are expecting a second child in May 2020. Its due date is May 17th, to be exact, the day after our University’s Spring Commencement. We had been debating have a second child for some time, and are thankful to have many privileges that afford […]

Week 37: The print nugget is funsize

Posted on Nov 14, 2014 in life, offspring | One Comment

Another Friday, another doctor’s appointment. Today was Hannah’s second ultrasound in as many weeks, to check on the growth rate of the undersized nugget. In the last two weeks it’s gained a little less than half a pound, from 4lb. 5oz. to 4lb. 12oz. That was about a half pound less than the ultrasound tech. […]

Week 35: It’s small! And hairy!

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At my appointment 2 weeks ago, the nurse practitioner told me that I was “measuring 2cm small.” This means that the height of my uterus is shorter than expected, and each cm small = approximately 1 week potentially behind development. This isn’t a huge thing. I could just be small and growing a small but […]

Print Nugget Update

Posted on Jul 25, 2014 in Blog, life, offspring | 7 Comments
Print Nugget Update

We had another ultrasound and doctor’s appointment today. Normally they wouldn’t have done another ultrasound at this point, but during last month’s, the baby kept putting its hands up over the heart and blocking it. They wanted to take measurements to make sure everything was developing correctly, so they took another peek today. Everything seems […]

Pronoun Trouble: Guess the Gender!

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We had an ultrasound on Friday. Everything is looking healthy. They were able to determine gender, information which was slipped to me in a sealed envelope. Because, you see, Blake doesn’t want to know ahead of time. Why, you ask? Well, to give you a little family history, a girl hasn’t been born in the […]