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Invite Us!

blakehannahweddingWe’d love to participate in your Portfolio / Exhibition / Panel Discussion / Visiting Artists’ Program, Etc!

Please contact us if you’d like to exhibit any of the portfolios we’ve curated, or if you’d like to have us as visiting artists or exhibit our work.

We travel with a drill, level, tape measure, magnets, and personable dispositions. We’d love to sample your local cuisine and will sleep upon your floor in perfect bliss on top of any available air mattress, couch, sleeping bag, or bit of foam.

What? You say you have a guest bedroom? It’s in the bag!

We are Available for:

  1. Workshops
    1. Relief Printmaking
    2. Screen Printing
    3. Stone & Plate Lithography, including Sharpie, Digital & Pronto Plate
    4. Collaborative Installation
    5. Fabric Printing, Sculpture, and Installation
    6. Drawing
    7. And much more!
  2. Lectures
  3. Exhibitions
    1. Curating
    2. Group/Solo/Juried/etc.
  4. Events

Previous Workshops/Visiting Artist Gigs/Lectures:

Check out a summary list of a few of our previous engagements below. You can see more projects such as exhibitions and portfolios we’ve curated by going to our main page and clicking on the categories below the slideshow to view our projects by type.

You can see even more by browsing our home page.