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Invite Us!

blakehannahweddingWe’d love to participate in your Portfolio / Exhibition / Panel Discussion / Visiting Artists’ Program, Etc!

Please contact us if you’d like to exhibit any of the portfolios we’ve curated, or if you’d like to have us as visiting artists or exhibit our work.

We travel with a drill, level, tape measure, magnets, and personable dispositions. We’d love to sample your local cuisine and will sleep upon your floor in perfect bliss on top of any available air mattress, couch, sleeping bag, or bit of foam.

What? You say you have a guest bedroom? It’s in the bag!

We are Available for:

  1. Workshops
    1. Relief Printmaking
    2. Screen Printing
    3. Stone & Plate Lithography, including Sharpie, Digital & Pronto Plate
    4. Collaborative Installation
    5. Fabric Printing, Sculpture, and Installation
    6. Drawing
    7. And much more!
  2. Lectures
  3. Exhibitions
    1. Curating
    2. Group/Solo/Juried/etc.
  4. Events

Previous Workshops/Visiting Artist Gigs/Lectures:

Check out a summary list of a few of our previous engagements below.

  • Louisiana State University and Glassell Gallery in the Shaw Center for the Arts, Baton Rouge, LA
    • 2023 Virtual Artist Lecture/Studio Visit, Invited by Instructor and Director of the Galleries Courtney Taylor’s Art and Ecology Class. Louisiana State University, invitational. Baton Rouge, LA.
  • EDP University, San Juan, Puerto Rico and Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, MO
    • 2022 Linocut Hand Block Printing on Fabric, taught for visiting students and faculty from EDP University in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Southeast MO State University. Cape Girardeau, MO.
  • Arts Council of Southeast Missouri, Cape Girardeau, MO and The Missouri Fibers Artists (MoFA)
    • 2021 Virtual Crochet Workshop, Co-hosted by the Missouri Fibers Artists (MoFA) & Arts Council of Southeast Missouri. Becky Stevens, President of MoFA and Ashley Sexton, Assistant Director/Exhibitions Curator at the Arts Council of Southeast Missouri.
  • Catapult Press, Cape Girardeau, MO and Lawrence Arts Center, Lawrence, KS
    • 2019 A Banner Day, Collaborative Community-Based Exhibition themed on protest posters  created in two workshops taught by Orange Barrel Industries at Catapult Press, Southeast Missouri StateUniversity in Cape Girardeau, MO and exhibited as a part of Lawrence Print Week at the Lawrence Arts Center. Lawrence, KS.

You can see even more by browsing our home page.