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Updating the Website

Foot Prints in Progress

New Foot Prints in Progress

I’m currently working on updating our Portfolio Exchange/Exhibitions Page on site. I have a lot of images to edit! Then I have to remember how to use Lightbox so I can create image sets for each show.

I have a lot more to do! We’ll see how much I get through this week. I start teaching tomorrow for my Drawing I and Design I classes at the University of Louisiana in Lafayette. On Thursday, I’m headed to Fort Lewis in Washington State for a building dedication in honor of my late Uncle Wallace Cole Hogan, Jr., who was killed in the Pentagon on 9/11. Here’s an article that recently came out in my hometown paper about the upcoming 10 year anniversary and the building dedication: “Another Way to Salute Hogan’s Hero.”

Blake is headed over to Georgia after he drops me off at the airport early Thursday morning to take down his solo exhibition at the 567 gallery. I fly back into Atlanta Friday evening, and Blake and I will drive back on Saturday. We plan to stop by a Kia Dealership in Mobile, Alabama and pick up a Kia Soul we’ve been negotiating for over the phone. We also plan to visit our friends Matt, Sky & their daughter Eve in Gulfport, Mississippi on the trip back to Louisiana.

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