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Art that Silences Owls


I want to be a writer of images, a player of pictures.
I want to make art you read over and over, under the covers with a flash light, late at night.
I want to make art like a poem: open as air but heavy with life–
Art like deja vu
Art like an itch
Art like a book you can’t put down
Art where things happen for a reason (because you make it so)
Art like a song that pops into your head out of nowhere
Art that silences owls. Art like a constellation.
Art like a yarn you pull to unravel

Mission Statement

I wrote this back in 2009 as a Mission Statement for art making. I feel that I need to be reawakened by thinking about this. A year after graduate school, and I have been working mostly in fabric because it is comfortable, free or nearly-free, and I can work on it in small doses after work when I am tired. I can work on it while movies are playing, while I am cooking dinner. I want to start drawing more again, however. I want to get back to using my desk as a desk when we get a bigger place. I want to draw every day like I always used to do.



In the meantime, I carry on with my fabric. And Blake and I have been working on a bunch of new T shirt designs, as well, some of which we have brought into actuality in our re-awakened Orange Barrel Industries Etsy Shop:

Light Blue Dino and Bread Tags T

Lemonade Lioness Scoop Neck T

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