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Nomadic Artists


After moving into our new place in Kentucky, Blake and I immediately took off for our friend Ann Flowers‘ wedding in Columbia, KY. Then we spent a fun-filled week in Murfreesburro, Tennessee with our friend Meghan “Shotgun” O’Connor as visiting artists at the Governor’s School gifted art high school students program she was teaching at Middle Tennessee State University.

(Meghan working on a 4′ x 8′ collaborative woodblock with some of her students. They are printing these in groups with a steam roller as part of the Governor’s School!)

(Woodcut I worked on at MTSU)

We had a blast! Blake and I got a lot of wood carving done and had fun Bar-B-Qing with Meghan, traveling to Nashville for some of Prince’s famous Hot Chicken and even entering a karaoke contest! The students in attendance at the Governor’s school were really talented and dedicated. We had a lot of fun hanging out with them and meeting some of the other people working with the Governor’s school, as well.

(Prince’s famous Hot Chicken! For those of you that don’t know, Hot Chicken is a traditional Nashville dish that consists of dry-rubbed super-spicy friend chicken served on a couple of pieces of white bread. Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack is well-known for being featured on Man vs. Food. It definitely WAS all it’s cracked up to be!)

(Sides of Baked Beans & Slaw. They also had good french fries.)

In addition to getting to try Hot Chicken, which was truly one of the highlights of our trip, we got to eat it in a park in front of the world’s only replica of the Parthenon! Below is a picture of Meghan’s friend Melanie, who escorted us on our Nashville adventures. Melanie believes that most photographs are less interesting without people in them, so I enticed her to be a part of my memory of the Parthenon.



(Every shop needs some Unicorn Tears.))

(Bleak + Shotgun at the grill.)

We’ve been back in our new apartment for a week now, and have spent most of that time working on a triptych of collaborative fabric pieces containing woodcut, screen print, woodcut monoprint and a lot of fabric collage stitched together on my Singer. We have already been working in our new print-shop home at Murray State University and have been really enjoying it. It’s a very clean, well-stocked and organized shop with some great presses and other equipment!

Blake and I will be showing these new works at the Nuance Gallery in Beresford, South Dakota during the Frogman’s Print and Paper Workshop.  We will also show an expanded version of our Neverending Installation that was first presented at the Southern Graphics Council Conference in New Orleans back in March.

We have an opening reception at the Nuance on the evening of July 11th. Hope all of y’all in attendance will be able to make it out! I don’t think Lloyd is doing his standard Frogman’s Press & Gallery Show at his home/shop in Beresford this year since he is packing up to move to his new Victorian. That means our exhibition will be the reason-for-the-season if you want to take your annual Froggies trek from Vermillion to Beresford (with a wave to the town of Yankton, of course.)

Below are a few photographs of these sewn work in progress. I will take better images after our install in Beresford.

New Sewn Work in Progress

New Sewn Work in Progress

New Sewn Work in Progress

New Sewn Work in Progress

New Sewn Work in Progress

New Sewn Work in Progress

New Sewn Work in Progress

New Sewn Work in Progress

ADDENDUM: See what we’re up to in the studio today here: studio-right-now-update

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