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Flashback: Digital Sketchbook

Sketchbook: A Vivian Girl, Injured, With Only Her Thoughts

Blake and I are currently “on the road” for our yearly summer travels. We’re staying in Blake’s hometown this week, Cedar Falls, Iowa. We will be taking off for Vermillion, South Dakota on the 27th, where we will spend the next three weeks. We were planning on taking a camping trip after that into the Black Hills of South Dakota, but our car was way too full of our art exhibition to leave room for our tent and other camping necessities. Instead, we plan to explore the Land Between the Lakes near our new home in Kentucky once we return from our summer adventures.

While in Iowa, we are focusing on embroidering more screen printed T-shirts to sell at Frogman’s Print Workshop and in our Etsy store. We’re also eating lots of delicious Pork Tenderloins, Four Queens Ice Cream and Godfather’s Pizza while visiting with family and friends. We’ll post some pictures soon! In the meantime, below are some more images from my sketchbook past to inspire me (and perhaps you, as well!) to draw more! Blogs can have many purposes, but one of the things I use our OBI blog for is to remind myself of things I need to get back into, such as sketching every day!

Bear, Topography, Flowers

Egyptian Vulture


Grafted Cactus, Hammerish

Two Faces


Sketchbook: Funky Giraffe

Sketchbook: Bean Sprout and Clouds


In Progress: Sketches for BP Oil Spill Prints

Lion and Beluga Battle

Whaling Hook

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