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Quarter Mania and Nantucket Reds


At Maple Lanes in Cedar Falls, Iowa, they have a bowling special known as Quarter Mania: $6.00 shoes charge with quarter games, quarter draughts and quarter hot dogs. An excellent way to spend an evening! We spent a few hours there earlier this week with some of Blake’s friends since High School and Blake’s brother and his girlfriend.

Maple Lanes

My first game was pretty terrible. I’m always looking for a light ball, 10 to 12 pounds, with large finger holes since I have a lot of calluses on my hands, especially my thumb. Even when I find a good ball like that, however, it still takes me a while to get my spin consistent and figure out my steps. I am by no means excellent at the game, but I do enjoy it! I was bowling with Blake, his brother Brandon and sometimes Brandon’s girlfriend, Natalie.

Our Game

In the next lane, we had Cam, Cara, Cory and Micah.

Their Game

Natalie’s cast was getting in the way of her bowling, so she decided to kill zombies at the arcade and play on her Nook.

Natalie on Nook

One of Blake’s pairs of fancy pants! He discovered these beauties at a Goodwill in Joplin, Missouri. Unfortunately, it was blown down by the terrible tornado they had there a little over a year ago.  The pants are salmon with bright blue embroidered sailfish. We learned from book artist Margot Ecke at Frogman’s last year that this type of pants are known as “Nantucket Reds,” and they would have traditionally been embroidered with whales instead of sail fish. They’re pretty highfalutin, and are “guaranteed to fade.” They were originally designed to emulate New York Yacht Club attire.

Sailfish Paints

Cuties Cory and Cara.

Cory and Cara




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