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Holy Cannoli, Meat & Threes and Other Adventures in Food Porn


Since we’re still “on the road” for the summer, I thought I’d post some food pictures from our travels that I had not gotten around to talking about yet. These images range from some of our last meals in New Orleans, such as the delicious cannoli from Angelo Brocato’s above. They also have fantastic Lemon Ice, seen in the picture below along with a cup of strong coffee.

Cannoli and Coffee and Lemon Ice

And here are a couple images of some of their other sweets options.

Sweets at Brocato's

Sweets at Brocato's

Are you drooling yet? Definitely check this place out if you’re ever in the city. It is in Mid City on Carrollton.

Angelo Brocato's in New Orleans

Since moving to Kentucky, we have been traveling a ton, so we haven’t checked out the local cuisine much. We did venture into Hih  Burger Inn, however, thanks to a recommendation from Nicole. It is a “meat and three vegetables” kind of diner. First come, first serve. We absolutely loved it. Everything was cooked just right, and the place was packed with locals giving us the “who are you??” eyeball.

Meat and 3 at Hi Burger

Smokey Black Eyed Peas, Cucumber & Vinegar Salad, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy and Roast Beef on my plate.

Meat and 3 at Hi Burger

Blake’s plate below: Fried Okra, Slaw, Smokey Black Eyed Peas and Barbequed Pulled Pork.

Meat and 3 at Hi Burger

Also since moving to Kentucky, I’ve been experimenting with some new types of quick bread and corn bread including the spicy corn bread with added corn below. We enjoyed eating the corn bread for breakfast with a fried egg on top and a slice of sharp white cheddar cheese.

Fresh Cornbread

I also baked my first loaf of banana bread since we had a couple of bananas that browned too fast. I used almond slivers in the bread, as well, rather than the traditional addition of walnuts.

Banana Bread

We then used the banana bread to make some delicious sandwiches with fried egg, sharp cheddar and granny smith apple slices.

Banana Bread, Egg, Cheese and Apple Sandwich

Banana Bread, Egg, Cheese and Apple Sandwich

Give this combination a try sometime! It’s a real winner. I’d also like to try ham and Swiss on banana bread next time I make a batch.

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