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More Athletic Than a Verb: Drawings 21 July 2008 – 08 November 2008


I’ve been trying to organize our new studio room, so I got started looking back through old sketchbooks. I decided to scan in some in a little black Pentalic sketchbook I worked in between 21 July 2008 and 08 November 2008.


First of all, it’s amazing to me that we even have a studio room. As many of you know, Blake and I spent the past 3 years in a tiny studio apartment, making our work on the same floor that we ate and lived and often slept on since the ceiling fan was over the floor rather than the bed and it was ungodly hot in South Louisiana 11 months out of the year.


We’re really glad for the entire extra room we have to make art in at home. We set up our bed in the smaller of the two bedrooms in our new apartment and are using the larger one (with better light) for a studio. Right now, it’s mostly full of unorganized boxes, but we do have a table set up with the sewing machine and the printer/scanner. I want to hang up a clothes line to attach projects-in-progress to so that I don’t keep tacking into the wall. Landlords don’t take kindly to excessive tacking.



More bone drawings…




Above, some notes on a potential narrative print series based on the premise of global warming glacial melt forming a giant lake in the midwestern U.S. Below, plans for an accordion box print contraption I never made.




5 thoughts on “More Athletic Than a Verb: Drawings 21 July 2008 – 08 November 2008”

  1. you astound me ! And these are 4 years ago! Got your wonderful letter… not to worry will send another asap… been out of the country and it was NO COUNTRY FOR OLD WOMAN! love u
    Pam Preston

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