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Packing up Again: A New Neighborhood of Blanket Forts

Sketchbook Dec 2012

Blake just left for Ohio for the month; his classes start tomorrow. I’m on a mission to turn this apartment back into a shell for some other wanders to inhabit while Blake holds down the fort at our new shell in Bowling Green.

By the way, if any of y’all are interested in a place in Murray, Kentucky, let me know: $550/month for 2 bedrooms with 1 walk-in closet + 2 other spacious closets, 1 bath, 1 half bath, kitchen connected to large living area, deck, central heat/air, well-insulated, ice maker, dish washer, disposal. Quiet neighborhood with lots of families but suspicious lack of noisy kids.

We’ll transport the remainder of our belongings up to Ohio January 31st-February 1st and turn our new chunk of modular living into a home with stacks of books, strange collections, animal bones, and enough homemade blankets to build an entire neighborhood of blanket forts.

I must say that it feels rather daunting to be doing this all again after only 6 months of living in Kentucky. I just got everything all sorted out here! But at least it is easier to move out of a 2 bedroom apartment than a studio apartment with the same number of belongings. We were so cramped in our studio apartment in Louisiana that we could barely squeeze out the door. Here, I have space to organize things before they go into boxes.

And, if we have attained any new belongings, these have been fairly evenly offset with donations of old things to Goodwill and recycling. I finally feel free to rid myself of old terrible prints, ratty shop clothes from grad school, tights with runs, superfluous kitchen utensils, and etc. And I’m so happy that we have a new home and job to go to that all of my anxieties about packing pale by comparison. I’ve always liked that phrase, by the way: pale by comparison. In any case, I digress…

Sketchbook Dec 2012

Pictured in this post are a few sketchbook scans that escaped my last drawing post. Now, it’s time for me to get to packing, get my online art appreciation course set up, and finish a couple more job applications due next week.

Sketchbook Dec 2012

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