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Part IV of 939 Drawings: My Facebook Friends’ Profile Pictures in Watercolor & Ink


Here are just a couple more spreads completed in my recent project. I’ve actually gotten a bunch more done, but haven’t had a chance to scan them in yet! We were in Kentucky to install an exhibition and teach at a workshop for High School Students in Life Drawing and Pronto Plate Printmaking at Murray State University. I’ll post some pictures of those adventures soon! For now, you can check out the Summer Art Workshop Facebook Page.

We came back to Ohio for one day to vacuum up the wood chips in our living room and do laundry. Tomorrow morning, we’re off around 4:00am to head to Chicago and pick up my Mom and Sue at the airport for a few days of museums, great food, and The Book of Mormon.

compositionbook3 1





compositionbook3 1.4

compositionbook3 1.3

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