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Some Things a Hannah Brings When She is Moving to Mississippi:

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-cast iron skillet
-fake fur
-real fur
-rubbermaid tubs full of old clothes and bedsheets
-french press
-art books
-sleeping bag
-spare purse
-frayed silk reversible bathrobe with dragons embroidered on it
-gallon ziplock bag full of embroidery thread
-assorted miniature plastic animals, mostly horses
-baby powder
-brayer, ink, ink knives
-large enamel painting tray
-birch plywood
-picnic basket
-crochet hooks
-bicycle with lock, pump, and spare tube
-2 swimsuits
-4′ folding table
-wood carving tools
-3 ceramic mugs
-stuffed animal, Blue of Blue’s Clues
-1 sheet of Lexan
-recent prints
-recent watercolors
-assorted sheets of cotton rag paper
-blank notebooks
-linoleum blocks
-hair flat iron
-clothes iron
-spray starch
-polyAcrylic & Shellac
-nail polish remover
-bobby pins
-flamboyant yellow straw beach hat with giant blue bow
-bug spray
-tea bags
-20+ feet of pastel fabric streamers
-miniature stuffed Bernard from Where the Wild Things Are
-pincushion with pins
-watercolor set
-electric hand mixer with removable beaters
-chop sticks
-2 ceramic tea bowls (made by artists Geoff Pickett & Becky Posnak)
-5 black and brown ceramic bowl plates (made by my mom)
-1 miniature white ceramic bowl
-1 blue ceramic bowl with a dog on it
-1 Chef’s knife, the sort of shitty one we got at Target right before our wedding, in a cloth rice bag
-ipod shuffle from 2005 (bought with my Katrina money since all my CDs were flooded,) back when 1 gig was a big deal
-travel Scrabble
-brown enamel pot with lid
-compressed charcoal
-pencil set
-plastic model of a running horse showing all of the muscles and bones
-a pillow with pillowcase
-1 serrated steak knife
-lint roller

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