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Time is the Longest Distance Between Two Places


“Time is the longest distance between two places.”
Tennessee Williams, The Glass Menagerie

So y’all may be wondering, “How is it going, living apart from Blake?”

It isn’t easy. We are both very busy with teaching and making work and coordinating the millions of other things we try to do in addition to that. Sometimes this business is helpful to the cause; other times it gets in the way.

We’re not great at talking on the phone. I send texts a mile long. I’ve always been verbose.

But we’re making it work for now. We’re both happy to be doing what we are doing, but we hope that this distance between us doesn’t need to exist for much longer.

In the end, I just keep thinking, “Life is too short.”

“Or it could be.”

3 thoughts on “Time is the Longest Distance Between Two Places”

  1. Oh, you guys. I know how hard this is. I hope it doesn’t have to be for too long.

    After grad school P and I thought, since we’d done the long distance thing for three years and survived it, that we were total pros at it and could easily do it again for a shorter term. So I took a limited term appointment at a small university up north, for 4 months, and quickly found that it never gets easier: 2 weeks in we resolved that I’d never go away again after the term was up. Which has translated into me being unemployed. I hope you guys can work it out better, and be closer soon.

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