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Pronoun Trouble: Guess the Gender!

Sanders Baby

We had an ultrasound on Friday. Everything is looking healthy. They were able to determine gender, information which was slipped to me in a sealed envelope. Because, you see, Blake doesn’t want to know ahead of time. Why, you ask?

Well, to give you a little family history, a girl hasn’t been born in the Sanders clan for 67 years. 12 boys in a row. Will ours be number 13?

Not that a girl wouldn’t be loved just as well, but consider the streak. Will number 13 happen? I’m not telling! But I am accepting your predictions. I’m the only one who knows for sure, and I plan to keep it that way until delivery!

So far, family predictions stand as follows (those not yet included in this list, feel free to chime in!):

  • My Mom, Meg: Boy
  • Sue: Girl (with red curly hair)
  • Father-in-law, Daryl: “…boy until proven otherwise!”
  • Brother-in-law, Trevor: girl, “…because Blake is Blake.”
  • Brother-in-Law, Brandon: “asexual…because it’ll be more like [Hannah’s] artwork. It’ll have boobies and a little pokey thing.”
  • Step Mother-in-law, Cindy: I just want a grandchild!
  • Uncle Darin Sanders: girl
  • Melanie Yazzie: No prediction, but I do have a lovely drawing of us as a family by her that I need to upload shortly!
  • Blake: girl (reverse psychology)
  • Me: my original guess was “boy,” and I dreamt that it was a boy, but Blake says I was just trying to appease him

So, get your votes in! (Scroll down for survey)

Here are some “facts” (questionable Old Wives Tales) to mull over as you make your decision:

  • Faster heartbeat=girl. Fetal heartbeats can be between 110 and 160. Patricia Crane, MSN, CNM, director of the nurse-midwifery service with the University of Michigan Health Systems. “If your baby’s heart rate averages in the 110 to low 130s range, the thought is that it’s more likely a boy, and if it’s in the mid 140s to 160 range, it’s more likely a girl. Mid-130s to 140s is unpredictable — and where a lot of heart rates fall.” The first time we went in, the heartbeat was at 160. The second time, 162. But I did have coffee both of those days. So, take that as you will
  • There hasn’t been a girl born to a Sanders man in 67 years. Does that mean we’re overdue? Or do Sanders men not produce female sperm? Up to you to decide
  • Hungrier? It’s a boy. I think I’ve been a normal amount of hungry. Not ravenous, but I eat my regular amount with more frequent, but smaller, meals
  • More “morning” sickness could be a result of more hormones in your body due to it being a baby girl. During the first trimester, I threw up about once a week. I was nauseous every day, but it wasn’t insane. I went to work every day, and I could manage it by eating a little crackers or something most of the time and avoiding a very few trigger foods.
  • Better skin? It’s a boy. Worse looks and blemishes, it’s a girl, “stealing your beauty.” My acne has been better, but it has been improving slowly for many years.
  • Craving sweets? It’s a girl! Salty? Boy! I haven’t been wanting much sugar, as I get an obnoxious high from it and it causes me to get heartburn. Bring on the savory! Although, that is my usual preference, anyway. Salt and cheese and vinegar! But I do like a square of super dark chocolate. I guess that’s more bitter than sweet, though.
  • Chinese Gender Predictor (based on my birthday and baby’s date of conception) says It’s a girl
  • In the ultrasound, the baby appears to have large hands and feet (Blake’s and my observation. The tech merely noted the rather long toes.) Perhaps this is a sign of a boy? Big paws to grow into?

Sanders Baby

And that’s enough of that. So, please share your guess with us via this survey:

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Sanders Baby

Sanders Baby

Sanders Baby

Doesn’t it look like a little alien? The truth is out there.

12 thoughts on “Pronoun Trouble: Guess the Gender!”

  1. I think girl. I know everyone is different, but you seem to be experiencing the same stuff I did. Aaaaaand, Ive got some stuff for you, and a little boy wouldn’t be too happy with that stuff. Haha

    1. orangebarrelindustries

      Thanks, Ericka! Wish I had gotten to see you again! They ended up renting my apartment (which is great!) but I had to be out in 2 days, so we took off for some unexpected but delightful road tripping!!

    1. orangebarrelindustries

      It’ll curl, alright, but probably not until puberty, if we are any example. Blake and I were both born with blonde, straight hair. Well, Blake was, anyway. I was born with a bald head and long, straight blond hair growing from my shoulder blades. But that eventually corrected itself. Maybe. Or maybe I have the best french braids ever going down my back!

  2. Plus there are a lot of women on the Sizer (Grandma Sizer that is) side of the family. Everyone (except Cindy) has had girl children, and there are more girls than boys total.
    Cindy, Becky, Terry
    Scott, Jeff

    Mackenzie, Yvonne (me!), Whitney, Meghan, Jaime
    Austin, Charlie, Brandon, Blake

    interesting? hmmmm

  3. Good that you did not dream of the offspring as a wolf. I was surprised to see how much you were affected by the middle name I had picked if you had been a male. It seemed a sometimes fascination and sometimes fear of wolves. Maybe check out “Run With The Wolf Pack, ” by Paul Kantner where he uses it as a metaphor for running with dangerous people; the attraction and the fear.
    Real wolves were always distant, except one pup tied up in the alley in Macon. It looked so scared I feared it may bite and I did not want either of us to go through any bad experience: I just walked on.
    Anyway, your dad is thinking, Girl for no better reason than gut feeling.

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