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Mini Update on Print Nugget: Week 33


Friday, Oct 17th I went in for my biweekly Dr.’s appointment. The Dr herself was out, so I saw the nurse practitioner. The usual weigh-in, pee-in-cup, etc. were performed. Baby’s heartbeat was taken (135,) and the height of my uterus was measured. The nurse practitioner said I was measuring small: 2cm behind schedule. It sounds like very little, but the # of cm generally coincides with # of weeks along you are, so that makes it seem like a bigger deal.

But I am a small person. And 2cm is borderline for being a thing to look into. In any case, she scheduled me an ultrasound for our next appointment at 35 weeks. I’m not complaining because, honestly, I’d like to see the little bugger moving around again. I didn’t know if I’d get another chance to get a glimpse of it before it comes out. I’m only sad that it’ll be the day before Blake returns from California, so he’ll be missing out.

I think after this next appointment in 2 weeks, I’ll be going in every week. I’ve already scheduled all of my appointments through Thanksgiving week. My due date is the week after that, Dec. 3rd. Here’s to hoping that measuring small, this being my first baby, and a history of week late babies will push it to the 10th or even a few days later–the last week of classes. But these are selfish hopes! I have no control over it, anyway, so I might as well wish for what I want!

In any case, you can look forward to some new pics of this very active little beast in 2 weeks. Beast of the large forehead. Beast of the monkey toes. And the killer kick. I described it to one of my coworkers as, “it’s like the part in Jurassic Park where the velociraptors start testing the fence for weaknesses.”

Now I’m going to go watch that movie again.

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