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Week 39: Any Time Now


Tuesday appointment: all was normal and good. Print Nugget gained about 3/4 lb. in the past couple of weeks, which sounds good to us, but it’s still small (under 10th percentile.) It got an 8 out of 8 on its Bio Physical and full marks on the Non-stress Test once again. The doctor’s plan remains the same: induction on December 2nd or 3rd if the baby doesn’t come on its own before.

Yesterday, we walked to the hospital to do our biweekly Non-Stress Test since the Doctor’s office was closed for the holiday. It was like a practice hospital trip except that we had to check in at the front desk, and it was a skeleton crew. On the actual delivery day, we’ll be able to walk right up to the OB since we’ve done our paperwork ahead of time.

They checked us into one of the labor/delivery/recovery rooms like what we’ll be in for the birth. They asked a bunch of questions like, “do you already have a car seat?” and “do you have gestational diabetes?”

No gestational diabetes, thankfully. And, yes, we do have a car seat (Thanks Brian!!)–but it turns out we have to get the back seat in our car replaced. You don’t even want to know what that’s going to cost, but the seat doesn’t lock into place behind the passenger seat, and the compact Kia Soul behind a long Blake in the driver’s seat doesn’t leave space for a backwards-facing car seat behind the driver.

Anyway, it has to be done, but won’t be done until Thursday. So maybe we’ll be walking home from the hospital! Which we were kind of thinking about anyway, depending on my physical condition. It’s really close. We walked there in about 10-15 minutes yesterday, even with my pregnancy shuffle. And it’s downhill on the way home. Otherwise, Blake can walk home with the baby and I can have my mom come pick me up in the car.

In any case, besides a couple of faulty blood pressure readings (turned out everything was good once I took off my sweater) the Non-stress test went well. We learned that if I go into labor this weekend, we’ll have a different doctor: the one on staff at the hospital since my doctor is out of town for the holiday. Otherwise, I’ll be going into my doctor’s office again on Tuesday morning. They plan to induce Tuesday evening or Wednesday.

Sorry I didn’t do a Thanksgiving post–the family, the food porn, and the many things I am thankful for. There was some of all, and it was all very good. We missed many people that we could not see this year due to our inability to travel. We’re happy Mom and Sue are able to be here, though, and that our friend Layne came to visit from St. Louis area. If you’d like to get a gist of the holiday, take a gander at our Instagram Account.


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