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Nap Time and Holiday Car Trouble


If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram, you’ve probably seen all the Levee there is to see. But I’m going to post a picture here, too. Because, you know. Just in case.

It is nap time, a time when I should be folding laundry, putting away dishes, sewing, crocheting, drawing. Instead, I am eating pasta with too much cheese and blogging. I’m so up in arms to get that baby down to sleep, then when he is asleep, I miss him. What a cycle.

We leave tomorrow for Colorado, I hope. We’ve been having some major car trouble. Blake has been stranded in Iowa. They are hoping a part comes in today so that he can be back here in Missouri sometime in the middle of the night tonight so that we three can drive out to Fort Collins area via Lincoln, NE tomorrow. Blake was originally returning to Missouri Sunday so that we could depart for CO via NE today, but no such luck. Hopefully we make it back tonight!

If not, an unexpected quiet Christmas at home wouldn’t be too bad, though I know the family would miss seeing Levee. We always had when we had kids, we’d quit all this insane travel and people would have to come to us. They do, some. But we still do insane travel all the time. In January we plan to head to South Carolina, Alabama, and Arkansas for a visiting artist gig, exhibition, and lecture, respectively.

Well, the baby just woke up, so I’m outta here. Here’s one last pic for you:


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