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Paperworkers Local Workshop: Freak Flags



Troubleshooting (there is more in our PDF handout near the top of this page

  • Did you thread the machine correctly?
  • Did you wind the bobbin correctly and check that it is installed correctly?
  • Adjust stitch length and tension according to fabric and thread you are using8-straight-stitch-bottom. Use a test scrap of fabric and make adjustments tighter and looser until it is sewing well without puckering fabric (too tight) or stitches falling out (too loose). 2012-05
  • Most machines have single top tension adjustment, but some machines have an additional tension adjustment for bobbin thread.
  • If all else is correct and machine is skipping stitches, try a fresh needle. The old one may be dull.
  • Periodically, the bobbin and bobbin casing should be removed. Use a small paint brush to dust out lint, and a drop of sewing machine oil in the proper spot (varies by machine) will help it to keep running smoothly.

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