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Collaborative Books from Sketchbook Bootcamp 2018 at TN Governor’s School for the Arts

Below are the pages from three collaborative accordion books students worked on at this year’s Gov. School sketchbook class. Each class had a small book to work in, and one larger book that students from both classes helped create. Blake built the books, encasing the covers in repurposed fabric from the local Goodwill. Then students were asked to contribute an illustration on each page that referenced mapping. Each artist was meant to continue a bit of drawing/information onto the next page for the next artist to build onto, á la an Exquisite Corpse. As the end of the workshop loomed, folks had to work fast and then hand them off to unsuspecting classmates. Blake and Hannah contributed as well. See if you can find ours!


Monday/Wednesday Group


Tuesday/Thursday Group


Cross-Class Collaboration

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