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The Reading List, 1st Edition

I decided to use this blog to share and keep track of some of the art-related articles I’ve been clicking on, reading, or planning to read soon. Some of them I find open in tabs because B. has been reading them. Others come from great Facebook groups like Printmaking Professors Network and Printmakers Open Forum.


“Written in 2018 by Mimi Onuoha and Mother Cyborg (Diana Nucera), A People’s Guide to AI is a comprehensive beginner’s guide to understanding AI and other data-driven tech. The guide uses a popular education approach to explore and explain AI-based technologies so that everyone—from youth to seniors, and from non-techies to experts—has the chance to think critically about the kinds of futures automated technologies can bring.

“The mission of A People’s Guide to AI is to open up conversation around AI by demystifying, situating, and shifting the narrative about what types of use cases AI can have for everyday people.”

This article is part of a series with this goal: “Since 1851, obituaries in The New York Times have been dominated by white men. With Overlooked, we’re adding the stories of remarkable people whose deaths went unreported in The Times.”

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