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Due Date: December 3, 2014.

Birthday: December 4, 2014
Quantity: 1 (thank, God.)
Gender: ? It was a mystery, but Levee was born a boy!
Name: Wouldn’t you like to know? Again, it was a mystery! His name is Curt Levee Sanders.

In Progress: Details

You can click to read our original announcement, guess the gender, or see all of our baby related posts on the blog.

Virtual Baby Shower

In lieu of a traditional baby shower, we’re scheming a digital alternative. Details will be posted on this page as we devise them. Since we’re from far away places, have continually moved for years, and hardly know anyone in our new location, it’d be damn near impossible to plan a regular baby shower with any hope of most of our friends attending.

Stay tuned for more…


We are currently registered on

Thanks to family and friends, we already have a ton of 2nd hand clothes and a portable playpen. Our needs are mainly bottles, cloth diapers, diaper pail, baby carry wrap, swaddling supplies, and we hope to have help with a car seat and running stroller. We’re trying to be minimal about this, in so much as possible.

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